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What does the Bible say article: Tongues part 2

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Here is the 2nd in the series of articles on "tongues" I have written for my church and local paper. Hope it helps. I've gotten a lot of calls, emails and great questions from some Christians who are for the first time learning what the Bible says instead of what they've always been "taught" or "thought".

What Does the Bible Say about:
Speaking in Tongues? (part 2)
Last week we began our study of ?tongues?, learning from I Corinthians 14:22 that ?tongues are for a sign?. Reading the whole verse we see that not only are ?tongues for a sign? but even more specifically, they?re a sign for them that believe not and NOT for ?them that believe?. A seeming widespread contradiction comes to mind. On one hand we have God?s word saying ?tongues are for a sign to unbelievers? NOT believers, and on the other we see around us claims to the contrary. We note too that God ended that verse with a period. Set the puzzling questions aside though for the time being. God?s word will clear it up for us as we spend time studying about ?signs? and THEN we?ll get to be in a far more solid scriptural foundation to understand ?tongues? for what they are.

We?ve glanced through Ex ch 4 at the beginning of ?signs? and learned that God told a Jewish man (that?s important) to tell Jews that He was going to do wonders & deliver them from captivity! We heard Moses say ?but, behold they (the Jews) will not believe me?? [it?s a shame people will not just believe what God says without a miracle] and we learned that God gave this Jewish man the ability to perform not just one but three ?signs? as visible proof (remember the Jews require a sign I Cor 1:22) of the truth that God had indeed sent him. We saw that ?signs? begin exclusively with Jews (Ex 4:1-9); were for Jews (Ex 4:5); performed by Jews (Ex 4:14-18). We find that gentiles also ?performed? some signs of their own that were convincingly close to the same ?signs? Moses did (Ex 7:11, 22, 8:7, and 18). As you read those references to the gentile signs, notice the word ?enchantments? and ponder that thought. Now also notice what God said about the Jews and the Egyptians (gentiles) in Ex 11:7. Friends the Nation of Israel begins with ?signs? some approximately 5000 yrs ago. It is no wonder the Holy Ghost said ?the Jews seek after a sign? I Cor 1:22, they?ve done so for 5000 yrs. Moving onward look at Ex 31:13 & 17 and notice ?it is a sign between me and the children of Israel??. See Num 14:11 where we have God asking Moses ?how long will it be ere they believe me, for all the signs which I have showed among them?? See also Deut 6:22; 7:19 and then Josh 24:17 and Deut 4:34! Over and over and over where we find signs?.we find them to involve Jews! No exceptions.

There may now be many questions coming to mind about what we?ve been told, taught, heard, and even ?experienced? but I urge you to set questions aside for later. As we move deeper into the scriptrues and onward into the N.T. many of our questions will be answered by the word of God provided we are careful and prayerful to divide what the Bible says from what we?ve always ?thought? it said. In the mean time it is incredible to use our imaginations to ?see? the wonders and signs God performed among the Jews to gain their confidence and trust. Exodus 19 tells of the historic arrival of the Jews at Mt. Sinai. Imagine yourself there among them looking up in wonder and terror at Mt Sinai with it?s thunderings and flamings and lightenings and the thick cloud and the voice of God like a trumpet! If we?re not very careful we could become so envious of the ?signs? they?ve seen that we too begin demanding signs. After all Abraham was our father as well as the father of the Jews (Rom 4:9-12). As we sit in our imaginations among those Old Testament Jews, and read about the ?signs? they saw we?re thankful that God gave us a description of it for our learning and studying and enjoying. We?re careful though to remember that there is much more to be read, seen and learned from the word of God about this great subject of ?signs?. The Lord willing, we?ll continue next week. Till then read again John 20:29 and consider that the just shall live by faith and that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things NOT seen? Heb 11:1.

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Here ya go! Great articles - I can't wait for part 3! :clap::amen:


Thank you ma'm.....wish I could say it was my doing....but it's 20+ yrs of study of others + Bible + prayerful begging the Holy Ghost to help me see clearly....and God has done the rest. This view is an old one and I believe it Biblically sound so much so I am condident - bold even, before God believing in my heart through prayer that it is "sound doctrine" and pleasing before God. Consequently I wouldn't trade a cold pre-chewed celery stick for a charismatic's opinion on it. :lol
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