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Hello from Don

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I have posted here a few times, but have yet to introduce myself. I am a Bible Believing Christian. I live in Ontario, Canada. Born again about 13 years ago. I struggle with consistency in my prayer and reading the Word, so please pray for me for that. Thankfully, the Lord forgives and gives me strength to do what I can.

I have a wonderful, Godly, prayerful wife and 2 lovely children who have both made professions. My son is entering the teenager stage, so he is a topic for our prayer. My daughter, 10, love the Lord deeply. We pray that things stay that way.

I came here looking for people to share thoughts and discussions. People that, in time, will get to know me, and I them. People that will encourage me to walk more closely with the Lord, and I them.

Since it seems to be important on these boards, I will say that I prefer my King James Bible to any other, however, I am not opposed to other versions. When I feel that things don't quite sound right or when I truly want to understand what the Lord is saying, I always revert to my King James. The New King James, NASB and NIV are the only other ones I have used.

Nice to meet you all.

PS: I run the Wednesday Night Youth at our local Church, and the verses in my signature are the verses we have chosen for the year for that activity. I think those verses are especially fitting to teens, however, as all things in the Lord's Word, fitting for all of us.

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Howdy Don! :wave:

In my own life I found that I had to specifically and purposefully set aside time for Bible reading and prayer in order for me to be consistent. For myself I finally set aside first thing in the morning for Bible reading and a bit of prayer. I have an afternoon time for prayer and when I have the time I also read one chapter of Scripture and pray and meditate upon that too, I try to pray before I go to sleep as well.

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You've come to the right place to learn and grow in the Lord. Lot's of light and deep discussions. Many friends to be made. Many people who will pray for your needs and many need's to be prayed for. This place has been a God send for me! May the Lord bless you as you grow in Him and make friends here! Pixiedust

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