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Matt Souza

Last one to post in this thread wins

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This is the thread that never ends,
But it's been fun to share with friends.
How long will it keep going on,
Till it reaches a record for pages long?

Ok, corny enough? :lol:

Anyway, we had a great VBS day again. :)

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Laughter is good medicine
I believe you will agree
I know I have been laughing
Good thing, you can't see me.. :frog

Some might think I am crazy
Or have just lost my mind
But you all know different
I am the fun loving kind... :lol:

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Toooooo much is better than tooooooo little
Not enough, is like doing without
Several posts on this message board
Can make one giggle and shout....

I come here daily for the fellowship
Much love can be found
Friends are special people
Whom, I love to be around....

So even though we have not found
The last post needed to win
The fellowship here is simply great
So yeah, you can count me in...

So, all of you please keep posting
Their all very interesting to read
HIS blessings come in many forms
And friends are what we need...... :mrgreen:

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Another day on OnlineBaptist
And a winner has not been found
We're trying to post the last post
So, it keeps us coming around

Sharing with each other
Stating whats on our mind
Serious posts or funny posts
There's posts of both kinds

This thread is definitely not boring
One never knows what they will find
If you don't believe me
Go back and look behind..... :frog

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I"m still here, but not for long
To VBS I go for another day of play

Sorry, it's been a long week and I'm tired, my rhyming is just not happening, but oh well, I'm looking forward to another VBS day, our last one, then the closing tonight where the parents get the Gospel.

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