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Last one to post in this thread wins

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Good singing and preaching tonight. After the hymns a woman sung how great thou art. Preaching was on fellowship. I'm thankful for a good church to attend. 

I heard the first are actually going to be last so does that mean the one who started this thread is the real winner? lol

Well, I got this here thing inside me.  One doc calls it a node, one doc calls it a mass, so I don't know what to call it.  So anyways; I got this thing and they did a biopsy yesterday and they won't

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I'm always hungry for chocolate..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

As long as I am very quiet, sit very still and chew very slowly...I can even eat chocolate while in my deer stand... :D I must say, chocolate comes with me wherever I go.... :mrgreen:

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Actually sounds like it's a "dear" attractant (is attractant a word?)


Well, OB does have a dictionary search. :D Why not look it up? Of course, it's the Webster 1828 Dictionary so 'attractant' might not be in there. But as anglers, we buy a product called Kick'n Bass Fish [i][b]Attractant[/b][/i] (and it has that word right on the label).

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I used to be able to bait my own hook and all but I can't know. Although I can't even catch a ball so it is probably better that I stay inside most of the time anyway!! :lol: My youth pastor has committed to teach me how to catch a ball before I graduate. We'll see how that works according to him I catch like a two year old: ams straight out an d after the ball drops I close my hand. I told him I just do everything in slow motion.

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Well, don't feel bad...I was really uncoordinated as a kid. I played softball but I wasn't that great at it (though I had a lot of fun most of the time :D ). That's great that your youth pastor is going to help you learn how to catch a ball. :)

Well, good night everybody! Or should that be good [b][i]morning[/i][/b]? :D :wink: :frog:

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