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Good singing and preaching tonight. After the hymns a woman sung how great thou art. Preaching was on fellowship. I'm thankful for a good church to attend. 

I heard the first are actually going to be last so does that mean the one who started this thread is the real winner? lol

Well, I got this here thing inside me.  One doc calls it a node, one doc calls it a mass, so I don't know what to call it.  So anyways; I got this thing and they did a biopsy yesterday and they won't

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"I'm alive, alert, awake enthusiastic.
I'm alive, alert, awake enthusiastic.
I'm awake, alive, alert, I'm alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic!"
I just wanted to say bye I am leaving for camp tomorrow morning. I will miss you all! Hopefully I do not have to hear that song on the way home like I did at jr camp. I am not really awake, alive, alert, or enthusiastic at 3:00 ain the morning.
Anyway bbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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See you tomorrow (if the Rapture doesn't happen in the middle of the night)! :D

Well, then we will see you in the middle of the night.... :mrgreen:

Just think, one day we will finally get to see each other!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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I am home. I got back at about 3 am so I am pretty tired. But is was overall a good week. I am much more encouraged spiritually than I was when I left. I also surrendered to be a missionary's wife.
I have many stories but no time I will tell more later. :mrgreen: Good night. Wait, Good morning, good afternoon, Good nap

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It was wonderful. A little more about camp. Um..... I was labeled [i]Youth pastors pet[/i]. I got to go into town with my youth pastor and his wife. I got a stomach virus Fri. I surrendered to be a missionary's wife. My best friend surrendered to preach. Another frind got saved. And another friend surrendered her life to God's will whatever it may be.
I will tell you the full stories later if you do not mind me talking I mean typing that much :lol: I am still tired so I had better go :yawn:

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Hi how is everyone?
Lat Wednesday I was at camp and Bro. Griffis preached a message titled "What are you running from?" It was an awesome service. After much prayer and guidance from my youth pastor's wife I surrendered to be a missionary's wife at 25 til 1 am. I think they are getting tired of me pulling that stunt. I also got saved at camp two years ago Sunday!! At 12:30 :D I love early mornings. I always tell them the Bible says [i]a little sleep and a little slumber [/i] they always tell me that is not what it means.
For fun time they played this game where one of the team leaders would sit down on a skid with wheels and one person would pull them to a cone and then back. It was our youth pastor that we had to pull and he by far is not a small guy. The best part about it is the fact that only one of the girls on our team was over 5'3" and 103 pounds. It was so funny!! :lol: The funniest thing was when the smallest girl threw him off of the skid
I'll stop typing you are probably sick of hearing about my time at camp.

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Good afternoon everyone!! How is everyone? I thought I would share some good nesw with all. Grandpa's last chem treatment is tom.!!! They have decide that he will be a lot stronger and less sick in these last few weeks/months if he doesn't take the chemo. Plus the chemo has not helped at all. The tumors are still growing rapidly. Tomorrow is his last treatment!no more 10 hour days at the hospital every Mon!!

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