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Matt Souza

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Blessings are special gifts
Given to you and me
They bring us great pleasure
As we shout for joy and glee

Happy is a joyful heart
Smiling from ear to ear
Chuckling softly or loudly
There is really nothing to fear

HE has taken care of us
And knows just what we need
Trust and Obey HIS word
Reach out and plant that seed.... :saint

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I am sure it was. I was talking to a friend and told her I think a hurricane would be the most awful thing to be in. I have never been in one (thank God) and do not want to be. Praisin' the Lord for your safety and the safety of others. We have some family down there, and thankfully, they just had material damage-no one was hurt.

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Jesuspaiditall4all- I love your poems.

Thank you Evelyn.... :mrgreen: ...I enjoy fellowshipping here with all of you and I am having fun putting my thoughts into poems.

Words are used for describing
Thoughts that we have inside
Some words show much love
And some words we should hide.

Anger creates sadness
Love blossoms and grows
Smiles are much prettier
On faces when joy shows.... :D

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