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Matt Souza

Last one to post in this thread wins

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This is crazy, this is insane
What do we win? what do we gain?
A beginning that has no end is unfair
Who is first and who is last-- what do I care?

Oh no! I've turned into a poet
And surely I did not know it
I'm trying to win a prize not known
But apparently on that subject I am not alone

Think about it dear friend
What is a beginning without an end?
It is only a beginning that continues on
there is no prize, the trophy is gone

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Win or loose
First or Last
This thread
Has been a blast.. :mrgreen:

Each one posts
Large or small
It doesn't matter
No, not at all

It's the caring
And the love
That is given
From GOD above

HE has blessed us
With this board
Come on folks
Let's praise the LORD.... :saint :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Summer has gone
Fall is here
Winter will soon
Arrive this year

Snow and snow boards
Ice and skates
Makes for fun
On frozen lakes

Families and friends
Enjoying the crisp air
Sipping hot chocolate
Having much to share

Rejoice and be thankful
Each day is a blessing
Friends, count them all
They are worth addressing

Some are unexpected
Some you know
They all are wonderful
Let your smiles glow

For those that are lost
We are the light
Come on friends
Let's shine extra bright.... :sing:

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I didn't notice that you had posted before me, Servant of christ ....then when I read "nice try but I'm still winning"... I am like....what are you talking about???

Anyway.....you were winning.... :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol: ..but not now... :frog

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