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The sun has set
The sky is dark
Many crickets are chirping
Near the tree bark

Night has arrived
The mosquitoes are out
If they bite you
They can make you shout

Scratching and itching
Each little bite
Bring on the morning
And the daylight

Mosquitoes, mosquitoes please go away
Please don't bite us any day..... :frog

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[quote="LAF"]Hmm ok but you gotta pay the plane fare :mrgreen:
I only have to finish the laundry and then vacuum the living room

Sounds fair to me.[/quote]

Ok when do you want me to come ?Of course this weekend might be nice as a certain hurricane named Frances may be heading my way .

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Hope you'll be okay, Lori!

Have a good night people!

Thanks Angela I hope so too.
I just read the Miami paper they say of course it is still too early to say they say it could hit Vero Beach as a cat 4
Again we are just a litle over 2hrs from there and I have been there before ,and I think we are closer to Vero Beach than we were to Punta Gorda .We do not need another hurricane coming through here I do not think I could handle it .So please everyone pray that the conditions change so she can die or turn away from land .

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