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Good singing and preaching tonight. After the hymns a woman sung how great thou art. Preaching was on fellowship. I'm thankful for a good church to attend. 

I heard the first are actually going to be last so does that mean the one who started this thread is the real winner? lol

Well, I got this here thing inside me.  One doc calls it a node, one doc calls it a mass, so I don't know what to call it.  So anyways; I got this thing and they did a biopsy yesterday and they won't

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So why am I up at 6 whatever it is after I went to bed only 3 hours ago? Well you see...About 20 minutes ago I was peacefully resting as I was going to get to sleep in until 8. So I was there, and all of a sudden I am awakened by a knocking my window which is on the screen but it's like one of those "Open up it's the police" knocks. Ok, so I'm totally mortified...I went to the window and it's pretty dark outside since it's still cloudy out. So now my heart totally racing then all of a sudden I hear my cousin open the door for someone..and I'm thinking :freak: Who did she open the door for...All of a sudden my door swings open with force, :freak: > :hide I look up and there stands a fully uniformed man...who just so happens to be my dad...hee hee..It's raining off and on and he needs the car....The moral of the story: Dad should find his car keys. :)

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Now should any of you encounter any possums during your travels today, make sure you don't just leave him laying in the roadway for the buzzards. Grab him up by the tail and throw him into the cooler in your trunk (all of us hillbillies carry ice chests in the back of the truck or car) - then serve him up for supper, ice the critter down real good at the next gas station, and then ....

Remove as much hair and fat as possible from the animal after he is skinned. Also, they can be soaked in salt water or vinegar water in the cellar overnight before cooking, or if you are fortunate enough to have an ice box, that will work too. You can simmer him for a spell in water with salt and pepper before cooking. Simmer until meat begins to become tender..

Since the meat does have a "different" flavor, you may wish to serve it with sauerkraut, sweet-sour red cabbage, radishes, barbecue sauce, A-1 Steak Sauce, Tabasco Sauce, etc.. Possum don't taste much like chicken.

Vegetarians can eat the vegetables and toss the possum after cooking. since road kill would be considered accidental death; they could still claim they did not kill an animal for food. "Vegetarian" in these parts of the mountains means "A man who can't hunt."

Baked sweet potatoes and possum continues to be a local favorite.(My personal fav!) Persimmons, also a local native plant, is also a favorite among connoisseurs of fine dining.

You can add or subtract from the following list of ingredients depending on what you have ripe in your garden at the time, what needs to come out of the cellar, or what is left over at the end of the day at the farmer's market..

Mothman Possum Stew

1 possum, cut-up
1/2 cup oil
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 medium onion, sliced
4 carrots, cut in thick slices
1 small can whole kernel corn
1 can whole tomatoes
1 bell pepper sliced 2 zucchini cut in large pieces
1/2 head cabbage cut in large pieces
8 ounces tomato juice
1/4 cup white vinegar
10 drops Tabasco
salt and pepper to taste
5 medium potatoes, peeled and sliced

Brown possum in oil in a Dutch oven or heavy skillet. Add all ingredients except potatoes, cabbage, pepper, and zucchini. Cover and simmer for 45 minutes. Add remaining ingredients. Simmer another 15 minutes or until vegetables are tender.

Mason County is home of the legendary Mothman for which this delicacy is named.

Roasted Sassafras Possum

1 skinned and dressed possum cut-up
3 cups sliced carrots
6 cups onions, quartered
6 cups potatoes, quartered
1 clove garlic minced
1 can cream of mushroom or celery soup
1 cup flour
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
3 cups water
salt and pepper

Note: Ramps can be substituted for onions.

Brown possum in a little grease in a ovenproof iron pot then remove pieces. Add the rest of the ingredients to the pot. Arrange possum artfully on top. Bake covered at 350 degrees F for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Please note there is no sassafras in the recipe; it gets its name because in Sassafras, Mason County, ;where I grew up, this is considered an ethnic food.

Some hillbillies use to gnaw on sassafras roots all winter and lived to be 100 but now they claim it ain't good for you.

Coon Hound Possum Gravy

1 fat possum cut-up
cooking oil or grease
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 onion, chopped and sauteed
1/2 cup sherry or home-made wine
pinch of oregano
pinch of rosemary
salt and pepper to taste

Fry possum in large pan or Dutch oven. Fish out possum pieces and feed meat to hound-dog (don't feed him the bones as he might get choked). Add water and stir up crunchies. Thicken with flour and water. Mix remaining ingredients and add to pan. Simmer for about 1 hour, stirring occasionally. Serve gravy over biscuits.

Making good gravy suitable for biscuits that you would be proud to serve your man requires years of practice and apprenticeship under your momma. If you are having trouble with the flour and water thing and your momma is up the river--ask your granny. Don't kick your hound if it doesn't turn out right the first time.

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I have two coolers in my trunk! :mrgreen:

I nailed a coyote with my truck one time. There were about five of them in the middle of this back country road. Two went to the left ditch, two to the right ditch and the stupid one stayed in the middle of the road.

It wasn't a total loss. The coyote hide was worth 25 dollars so he didn't die for nothing.

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I am home today doing my housecleaning and I am taking an OB break - usually along with a nice cold glass of iced tea, to sit down and cool off before I begin the next chore! It sure makes the day pass much quicker when I do that! :sing:

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