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Only during the peak of summer is the temperature too hot for my liking. I live in an old cottage that has poor insulation; this makes the temperature indoor either extremely hot during the summer, or extremely cold during the winter.  But the yearly average is somewhere in-between 70-75 degrees. As of now it's a perfect 70. It was a bit humid a few days ago because of the mist, but right now the humidity ranges around 70-75%.

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this temps are too bad..here in Florida we have cold and frost in the winter, no snow, amen, in the summer we can hit 100 with humidity in the 90's. In fact last month was the hottest September on record for my city.

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Living in Florida can be a bit dicey considering it has been hit with several hurricanes in the past. Any area of land near the coast has the potential for devastating weather that can do a lotof property damage. I'm surprised we haven't been hit with another major earthquake yet since 1989. I truly believe that God (who is in control of the weather) sent the 1989 earthquake as a result of immorality and of unrepentant sinners. I can't even drive down to San Francisco because that city is heavily populated with LGBT advocates.

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