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Good singing and preaching tonight. After the hymns a woman sung how great thou art. Preaching was on fellowship. I'm thankful for a good church to attend. 

I heard the first are actually going to be last so does that mean the one who started this thread is the real winner? lol

Well, I got this here thing inside me.  One doc calls it a node, one doc calls it a mass, so I don't know what to call it.  So anyways; I got this thing and they did a biopsy yesterday and they won't

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I got stung by a wasp or maybe a yellow jacket on my big toe last Friday (I didn't see it but I sure FELT it :freak: )

I had a painful reaction and my whole foot swelled up - all the way around like a football with toes sticking straight out - very painful! I have been soaking it in epsom salts, etc., and today I finally have some movement in the toes and the swelling is going down.

I hobbled to church yesterday because I had nursery duty and I did not want to miss "my" babies - they are so cute! I could rock them all day long! I have nursery duty once a month so that their mommies get a break. I listen to the sermon on the closed circuit t.v. and me and the babies have a great time!

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We went to a few yard sales and a library book sale.

I found a cool illustrated Bible Atlas, a very good book explaining how dinosaurs fit in with Creation and are NOT the result of evolution, and several books that will be good for homeschooling, etc.

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