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Hey grandpa...what's fer supper?   Sauteed chicken Fryin' in the pan Just a li'l pepper Shook from a can Sliced up purdy A work of art And corn on the cOB Fresh from Walmart   yuuuum yuuuuu

Someone told me today to "stuff it" sooooo...tonight its Stuffed Cornish Game Hens, Cheddar and Pico stuffed Mushrooms, and baked potato with all the stuffings.  After the Strawberry Shortcake for des

Homemade tacos tonight.  

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It's St. Patrick's day' date=' people! Corned beef and cabbage! YUM :Green[/quote']

I can still remember as a child in WW2 we practically lived on corned beef. I can still taste the horrible stuff, although it probably save our lives. Sunday it was roast meat if we could get some, if so Monday was cold meat and taters. Tuesday corned beef with dried egg to make some kind of omelette, Wednesday, corned beef in the hole. Thursday corned beef fritters, Friday corned beef fritters, Saturday Spam.

Today, Salad with Watercress and proscuito ham.
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My wife made from scratch stir fry which has chicken' date=' brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, green onion, and Yoshida (the only thing prefab this time, she usually makes the sauce herself,) over Jasmine rice. Yum! :clap:[/quote']

I don't know what Yoshida is.

We were in Paturages in Belgium today, and trying to find a restaurant but the weather was lousy, rain, hail, so we found a Sandwicherie and had a sandwich, then back to our hotel in France, where we made ourselfs a salad, and I had a leek and veg soup.
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Today were were in church at Feignies, France. There were a number of Americans in the congregation including a couple who invited us back to their apartment for lunch. There was also a Canadian couple, apart from another couple of nationalities.

We had soup, salad and cheese.

This evening back at the hotel we will probably have: soup, salad and cheese and I may also have some saucisson.

Bon apetit

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