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Smokey bacon, red onion and tomato omelette with asparagus tips.  


Tesco still have asparagus from Peru and Mexico. I got some English from our market yesterday.  Three times the quantity at half the price.  It is so cold that the English Asparagus is over a month late, just starting and it has to finish by mid June to allow the roots to build up nourishment.


The Temperatures today are what we would expect in January.  Yesterday we had rain, hail ans a couple of breif snow flurries.

Today it is cold an wet again.


Omelettes are quick to make and warm us up.

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The weather was warmer today so I had Salad with German smoked ham, green olives and pickled garlic. My wife being vegetarian had stuffed vine leaves and fetta cheese.  (There was a Greek stall at Herne Bay Market this morning.)

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