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Whats for Supper...

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Tell you what, invite my wife and I to come over and we'll bring along a humongous Boston Cream Pie with her very own special vanilla pudding for innards, for dessert.

Sounds good to me! :D

Tonight we're having teriyaki beef stir-fry with assorted veggies (probably broccoli florets, julienned carrots, and maybe even a red and/or yellow sweet pepper).

It's definitely ice cream weather here now. This afternoon my husband confessed to me he has a craving for banana splits! :shock: :D

BTW, that chicken corn soup sounds mighty yummy! :D

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Hey grandpa...what's fer supper?   Sauteed chicken Fryin' in the pan Just a li'l pepper Shook from a can Sliced up purdy A work of art And corn on the cOB Fresh from Walmart   yuuuum yuuuuu

Homemade tacos tonight.  

fried chicken fried squash from my garden mashed potato's and green beans from last years garden with cornbread and iced tea and a whole lot of thanking the lord.

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Wow, some of y'all's leftovers is better than what we eat sometimes. I think the Holy Spirit is convicting my wife about her menu. It was becoming somewhat predictable, and my oldest daughter (who is living with us temporarily) called it "boring" last night.

So, I went into the kitchen, grabbed my wife's "Joy of Cooking" cookbook and dropped into my daughter's lap. We'll see if she comes up with a meal that I'll be proud to post on this thread.

By the way, my company publishes Cuisine at Home magazine. I know this is a shameless plyg, but there are some great recipes in that.


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Last night was penne with spaghetti sauce and green beans, cherry jello with fresh strawberries. Tonight will be leftover penne with spaghetti sauce, jello with strawberries, and broccoli. :D

So for a minute, that seemed to run together in my mind (imagined penne with sauce, jello, and strawberries all together). I got queeeeezzzzzy for a bit.

BTW... taco soup tonight at a friends house.
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Spaghetti with marinara sauce (with Italian sausage in it) topped with Parmesan cheese, and green salad with blue cheese dressing

WOO HOO!!! I think I'm going to have a sandwich with Italian sausage on garlic bread. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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