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"Ban The Person Above You" Game

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4 hours ago, Rosie said:

How can I ban NN with a sense of humor like that

Because a sense of humor is but a fleeting moment; however, banning someone carries a greater weight; therefore, you wasted your chance; as such, I ban you once again, despite my use of a run-on sentence and bad punctualinasasism...and all kinds of other stuff'n such..including my made up words and bad grammar'n stuff...'n such...'n other stuff 'n all...'n stuff.

In other words...ban Rosie. 

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Ban Rosie for making excuses, and for calling me the devil and the deep blue sea, because she said she was between them, and her post is between mine, so that means that since she's between the devil and the deep blue sea...and since her post is between my posts, she was in actuality calling me the devil and the deep blue sea.

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Ban Rosie for accusing me of circular reasoning when it's plain to see that my supposed circulartrophoginis isn't circularinphilengefer at all, because my circulartrinphuprocity always reverts back to the original circulifpipherous meaning of my original statement regarding her banishment; therefore, it's plain to see.

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Ban Rosie for banning 4everHis before I could ban her, because though 4everHis was acting all Professoripherous, she didn't realize that I'm all grammariterialized n'such. It may seem that I'm completely "past participles" and stuff like that; however, she should know that I'm highly in favor of, and very "pro nouns"; therefore, she should know that her feigning superior grammaterical knowledge doesn't impress someone as well versed in grammaterialsupracolquialisms such as I. Furthermore, ban Rosie for assuming that 4everHis has mimicked my vastly superior intellect regarding grammatorial usage...n'stuff like that...because I'm a supragrammatarianism believer...n'all.

My grammaterialish knowledge was pre-ordained before Rosie posted...so be banned Rosie...which was also pre-ordained.

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