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Which part of America you're from?

Which Part?  

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  1. 1. Which Part?

    • The West
    • The Midwest
    • The South
    • The Northeast
    • Alaska or Hawaii
    • I'm not from America.

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Born in Elkhart, Indiana... lived in Elkhart (near South Bend), Indianapolis, lived near Dallas, TX for a very short time as a baby... lived near Des Moines, IA, lived in Rapid City, South Dakota, then back to Indiana for college...

Since college lived in York, PA.... Manchester, TN.... Laurens, SC.... now near Philly.

But I only claim the midwest and then maybe the west. :D

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I'm from the western part of North Carolina, where all the hillbillies live.

Military has moved me around quite a bit, though: South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Florida, Illinois, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Nebraska, and South Korea. We now live in Iowa and expect to be buried here, unless the Lord comes back beforehand.


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Born and raised in Indiana.
Got married lived in Wisconsin,Florida,Tennesse,Ohio,back to Indiana ,Wisconsin,then West Virginia,and now back agin in Florida

Claim the Mid west .

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I was born and raised in the deep south ...Georgia. I have lived in Florida, Illinois, Virginia, South Carolina, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania. Now I am back where I belong in Georgia.

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I started out in Northern Utah, been in every town in the state, still live in Utah, just north of Agentkhiem by about a thousand miles.

I live in motels every chance I get, or tents, or I will even shack up with a brother if invited for a night anything to get outa here.

Oh I been Florida, Southern Cal. border, Washington and drove to Nebraska, Idaho, Arizona, NM, Montana, Canada, and spent a lot of time in NEVADA.
Got a standing invite to stay woth a Brother in Alaska.

But my heart is in the SOUTH.

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Born in Maryland and proud of it! I'm a yank with a Baltimore accent, which isn't much of one. :D

What part of NC are you from Rachel?


i was born in Maryland, but raised more southern than most Marylanders (luke warm folks hehehe). From around Boone, NC a little town in the mountains called Vilas.

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yeppp...i don't like marlyland at all though...not that i'm not content, but i am looking forward to moving whenever the Lord sees fit! :)

I think Maryland's great. :D I plan on staying here until I leave for Korea. btw, did you know Steele is tied with Cardin now Rachel? :D:D


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I am in southern ontairo, Canada. My dad was military and both parents from Prince Edward Island where my family all live. Lived in Germany, Chatham new Brunswick, Summerside PEI, North Bay ontairo, back to Prince Edward Island, then to Toronto ontairo then to Cornwallis Nova Scotia, then to Prince Edward island then back to Toronto from there I moved to Sudbury Ontairo that is 5 hours north of Toronto. Very cold there, Dec to march is below -20 with jan being about -30 to -40 sometimes even -45. I also spent 6 weeks in Quebec and 5 weeks in winipeg learning french both times on a language bursary. now I am back to southern ontairo :)
Still too cold here.

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