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What is a father?

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Ok well this is not a poem, it is ab essay that I had to write for school so

What is a father? What does a father do?
according to the Meriam Webster Dictionary a father is one who has betton a child: a male that loves, nuture's, and protects a child.

A father is a picture of safety, security, protection, wisdom, kindness, compassion, dependability, and faithfulness. A father is a reminder or a picture of our Heavenly Father.

A fahter is a person who is loving and kind, he often knows what you have on your mind. He's someone who listens, suggests, and defends. A dad can be one of your closest friends. He is always proud of your triumps, but when things go wrong he is patient, helpful, and strong. In all that you do dad's love plays a part. There is always a place for him deep in your heart, and each day that passes be even more glad, mpre grateful, and more proud just to be able to call hhim your dad.

A person needs a father. Often fathers are taken for granted, they are just a person to lend you the car, or to drive you to kingdom come and pay your way in and then bring you back. It is often said that a father spends all of his time turing his baby into a young lady - or man- so that when she becomes a young lady -or man- she turns her back . How sad, but often tryue. American's today, in general, have no respect for their fathers.

Just as a little child runs to her daddy for protection in a storm, we also should go to our Heavenly Father for protection durimg the storms and trials of our life.

Once agan, I stress the point- be thankful for your fathers. You never know when it will be his time to go.

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I have an article in my scrapbook that is a survey. A group of children were asked to finish the statement: A Good Father. . .
Their answers:

Helps kids learn to ride a bike
Reads stories to the kids
Says "don't eat mud"
Explains when asked to explain
Goes to church and Sunday school
Is home a Lot
Protects me
Lets my friends come in to play
Takes me fishing
Disciplines me
Helps me
Spends time with me
holds me
Doesn't go away

I think that about says it all. CJP56

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