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Gluten freebaking --celiac faily menbers?

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My husband and son have celiac-cann't eat guten(wheat,rye,barley or oats) It can be very difficult at times but they become so,so sick if the injest any. Anyone else in same situation? Would love to share quick recipes etc. and be some support for one another. Very difficut for church pot lucks. So upsetting for husband he doesn't care to even go now. Our son is in his freashman year in college and is handling it surprisig well. Hope to meet someone! Pixiedust

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Celiac disease runs in my family. My mom, brother, two aunts and a cousin all have it. My aunt now owns a cafe specialising in gluten free cooking as she and her pastor's wife, who works there part time, are both celiac.

When my mom was diagnosed about 12 years ago, she didn't know anyone else with it (except her grandmother). She started taking her own food to church potlucks, and it was discovered that several other people were also gluten free and had simply not been coming, so they were able to do their own mini GF potluck.

My brother was 7 when he was diagnosed. It was so hard for him, because we went to public school,and he hated eating food that was "different" (especially when there wasn't as much awareness or nearly as many choices. He basically had to eat rice cake sandwiches). And if there was a birthday and someone brought cake, he's always give in and eat some, which we could always tell he'd done by his behavior. When he was young he didn't really get sick, just got bright red ears and became super hyper.

How long have your son and husband been celiac? At least there are two in your family as it makes it a bit easier to cook for two than for one.

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Hi !! You posted in April! I'm His by Grace but still can really identify...as we all can,right? Our church has had several people test positive yet unfortunately not every one of them sticks to their diet!! My Husband has celiac and was diagnosised three years ago now. My son has celiac as well--no surprise to you I'm sure but we didn't know for about 2-3 more months. Our household is all GF basically although I do keep a cheeze-its and captain crunch stashed for me. They both are sooo much better they don't cheat because they get so sick!! I love that your Aunt owns a GF cafe. My huband has wanted to do this and I've perfected some mixes but it hasn't been the Lord's will timing wise and for several various reasons. Would love to talk with you more and hopefully start a large posting here!! in Christ, His by Grace

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Hi! I just saw this thread. My sister is celiac. She just found out a few years ago and I know that she feels so much better avoiding all gluten. You are right that the smallest amount of gluten can make people with celiac sooo sick. Grocery stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes tend to have more selections for people who have to keep gluten free, but depending on where you live, they may be hard to find. If you look for heath food stores, you can usually find gluten free options. It can kinda be trial and error to find the stuff that tastes good! :) You also might want to check out the website celiacchicks.com. You can find a lot of gluten free recipes and ideas there.

I imagine this is prOBably a concern for you as well; I started a topic about Communion and celiac disease. I have seen it be a bit distressing for Christians who are faced with only taking part of Communion or becoming very ill. OBviously it is not realistic or desirable to be ill weekly or monthly or however often your church takes Communion. There are places where you can purchase gluten free Communion wafers, so this might also help your family, friends and church if there are people who have this need.

May God be with you!

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