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Thank you all for your words of encouragement and concern - and thank you to those who pitched in for the computer fix. Catching up today...

For those who did not know. I am still employed at the hotel - where I was able to access the Net throughout my shifts (and then at home, hence the reason I was ALWAYS online for the longest time there), but I haven't worked there since a few shifts in October. I got hired by the Gospel Mission near the end of September - four shifts on, four off - but keep getting called in on many of my days off, so I could not access the Net, even at the library. When I did have a little bit of time to do so, it was normally for checking my email and/or printing up some material for the devotionals I was preaching.

Surprisingly, not having my own computer for almost four months was a blessing in disguise: I had got to where I lived and breathed the Internet - including first thing when I got up each day. Yes, I would spend time in study and prayer - but it got to where it was no longer the FIRST thing each day. Now I developed the habit again of doing that during the course of these last few months, and am certainly blessed by doing so.

I am certain I will still have lots of time to use the Internet at home now - but it will no longer be the first thing in my day; though once I have spent my personal time with the Lord, I will use it throughout the day when I am home or after work.

I hope this came across the right way - the Lord had some discipline to teach me in my walk with Him, and I am certainly stronger now spiritually and seeing more fruit in my life and preaching, due to this unexpected setback. I think this will also affect my attitude towards these boards. While I love to preach and teach, I no longer have the desire to win any debates - something which I know I got caught up in here and there. I can still teach the truth and refute error without getting consumed with certain threads. I hope I can be a continued blessing on these boards and not a hindrance to anyone in their sincere walks with the Lord. God bless.

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