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Brie - what to you do with it?

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My wife likes Brie, I prefer Camembert


Here is a Brie Salad Sandwich.

Use mini baguettes or cut a baguette into suitable lengths for each person, Split the bread lengthwise. Use butter if you will, but it is best if you brush the bread with a good olive oil, then halve a fresh garlic clove and rub it on the olive oiled bread. Layer with lettuce, watercress, or you favourite green salad, sliced sweet ripe tomato, finely sliced red (bell) pepper, finely sliced red onion, top with sliced brie, add a little mayo if you wish, then put the lid on and enjoy. Best with ripe brie, almost runny.

Bon appetit.

Potato and Brie Bake

Slice some potatoes and steam them till almost cooked. (Or boil them and slice them after.) Cook some lardons, (bacon strips) preferably smoked. (Grill, fry, or I microwave them on a plate covered with a kitchen tissue.) In an ovenproof dish add the potatoes, lardons, a fair amount of brie and some chopped onions, season to taste. You can sprinkle with a little grated Emmental or Cheddar or dab with butter and bake till it is heated through and browned on top. (180 to 200C, I can't remember what that is in F) 350 to 375 I guess.

Bon appetit.

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Here are a couple of suggestions that the chef at my work demo'd just last week.

Cut a well in the centre of the brie and fill it with craisins. Top with pecans and almonds. Bake in the oven until it gets gooey. Great with chips or crackers!
She used the remainder of the cheese on top of stuffed mushrooms (just stuffed with breadcrumbs butter and garlic)

Both are really easy appetisers.

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