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The average Hershey Chocolate Bar doesn't last long at all when it is revealed to be in my presence. Legs or no legs.


Random fact from my childhood:   My mother recently told this to my wife, and she asked me about it, and honestly, I had forgotten all about it. When I was 9, and my mother was at the hospital givin

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I knew that

President Bush is really not George Bush Jr because he only has one middle name George Walker Bush where as his father's name is George Herbert Walker Bush...so therefore they are not Jr and Sr. Which practically everyone makes a mistake about. :roll

[offtopic]and it drives me up the wall....just personality quirk I guess since I was so close to going into political science[/offtopic]

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The oldest building in North America is in Fulton, Missouri at Westminster College-Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury it was originally built in the 1200s and all the brick is the same from that time period making it the oldest building in North America. It was brought over from England to be a tribute to Winston Churchill, if you didn't know Fulton/Westminster is where he gave his "Ironcurtain" speech about the USSR.

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I knew that (my dad was in the Navy and my brother in the Marines...they constantly haggle about it - my dad pointing out that if it weren't for the Navy, the Marines would have to swim! :lol: )

Billy Mitchell, the father of the Air Force, predicted when and how the Japanese would bomb Pearl Harbor (check out the movie "The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell" - stars Jimmy Stewart...excellent movie!)

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