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What Happens to a Believers Sin?

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Mr. Caulfield, please quote from the King James Bible in your posts on these boards. If you do not have a Bible program, there is a convenient link at the top of each page that you can enter the references needed into, then copy/paste in your posts.

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Many Christians are confused by this . . . because it is confusing.

The holiness of God cannot allow him to simply forgive sin. Blow it off. Forget about it. Well, if you're sincerely sorry . . .

God's holiness can only be satisfied by a payment for sin. And the only acceptable payment is the sinner's death. So it is a universal dilemma we all find ourselves in: I am a sinner. The only acceptable payment is the blood of my own death. Then it is an eternal death.

The cross of Calvary is the only provision we have. The death of God Himself (in human form) is eternally sufficient. My sins are paid for. They aren't just forgiven, as if brushed aside by God's flexible standards. No, my sins are paid for. I have eternal life because the death of Jesus paid for my sin. My sin no longer serves to condemn me before the Holy Court.

I'm no less guilty. I still sin. My daily relationship is affected, but not my eternal salvation.

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