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How 'bout them Cowboys

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Im with you Ray! :clap:
I grew up watching the Cowboys and I am glad they are having a good season so far! My Husband hates it! He just said the other night "Yea Yea, THe cowboys and their big heads I was so sick of hearing How 'Bout them Cowboys" I had to laugh when I saw your post!
WHat part of Texas are you from? WE are Central Texas!

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I grew up as a Cowboys fan but I haven't really followed football since the early 90s.

My best Christian friend ever and I used to gather for a big meal and to watch football together. He was a big Bears fan. Those were some great times.

After he moved away, I found it hard to watch football without him around anymore so I've watched very, very little football since then.

Prior to that, I used to watch football with my Mom when I was still living at home.

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Yea LAF we see your avatar everywere at least when they face the boys you wont have to change the color.
sheila we are from or I'll say living south fo dfw but from Strawn Tx,
Matt I agree it should be a good game. They need a challenge for a change. j/k
I'm just happy to see them do something beside fall on their faces I have been a fan I guess all my life.

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Just wait till you meet the Pats in 2 weeks' date=' we have video tape on them Cowboys, in fact we got video on all the teams. :lol:[/quote']
lol. actually we HAD video tapes of all the teams. We had to turn them all in as part of the punishment. Unfortunately i'm sure alot of the other teams still got their videos of us though. But it's gonna take alot more than videos to stop Brady to Moss this year :clap:

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