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Was the King James Bible itself inspired?

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On 6/9/2010 at 8:01 AM, Brother Rick said:


I'm not an expert on this kinda stuff, I just know the KJB is perfect and it's God's word, and that I do not need an understanding of the original languages to know what God said (I did take 1 year of Greek, but I've since forgot it all). How the KJB got there, I'm not sure.

But here's an idea when it comes to being purified seven times:

1. Hebrew.
2. Aramaic.
3. Greek.
4. Old Syriac.
5. Latin.
6. German.
7. English.

Seven English Translations:

1. Wycliffe's
2. Tyndale's
3. Coverdale's
4. Great
5. Geneva
6. Bishops
7. KJV


God does not say is word is purified seven times. he says it is like silver purified seven times. The comparison is the to the end product of the purified silver, not the process of getting to the silver. 

God tells us that Holy Men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit and that the scriptures are given by inspiration of God. To claim that God's originally inspired word given in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek needed any kind of purifying is heretical nonsense. There are no impurities in what God gives by Inspiration and it needs no purifying. Also the purifying verse has nothing to do with translation. When David wrote that Psalm under Inspiration he was just talking about the pureness of God's word, not some need for it to be purified. End product is in mind, not the process of purification of silver. 

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I believe that KJV is the best translation for the English speaking people, but I absolutely DO NOT believe it was inspired. The only things that were inspired were the original autographs. Through the years there may have been mistakes in copying, but not to a degree that it would affect the meaning of the text. I, unlike Ruckman and others of his sort, do not believe in "double-inspiration." And I also very much disagree with people who use the "purified seven times" verses to try and make their point. Their exegesis of this portion of Scripture has been skewed to fit their ideology. Honest exegesis will show that the comparison says, Ps 12:6  "as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times." 

Nowhere does it say that the KJV has been purified seven times.

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All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 2 Timothy 3:16

The Bible says God's Word IS inspired, is given by inspiration. No, God did not reinspire the KJV - BUT where does the Bible teach that it loses it's inspiration when someone copies or translates it?

If you look within the Bible itself, there are parts that were copied (such as Jeremiah recopying and rewriting the same scroll after it was originally destroyed, Ezekiel copying it out again after eating the original scroll, Hezekiah copying out the Proverbs of Solomon) and parts that were quoted by other writers (including NT writers speaking Greek but quoting the Hebrew OT, Luke writing Paul's conversion account and his Hebrew messages in the book of Acts - yet he wrote the book of Acts in Greek). Yet we find Paul, Jesus, Peter and other Bible writers declaring all these books and passages the inspired Word of God. Yes, I can give many specific verses where this is done in the Bible (ie. the copying/rewriting of Biblical texts, translating of other passages within the Bible itself) - and it is still the inspired Word of God. Not reinspired - but it never lost it's original inspiration!

And lastly, God never said His Word WAS inspired - but IS inspired! I have a faithful, accurate translation of His Word in English in my King James Bible.

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