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I have taped the packer games every sunday they have played.

The ONLY weeks I have been able to watch the game, is when they played on monday night or thursday.

This is the problem I run into every week end, no matter what:

I set the VCR, a vcr I have for the sole reason of taping the packer games, because I only own DVDs. I only have 1 tape, the tape I use to record games....

Every sunday, SOMEONE has to come up to me, and the VERY FIRST THING THEY SAY is the score or outcome of the game.

For example, this last sunday, someone walked up to me after the night service... for the FIRST TIME this year, I thought I was going home to watch the packer game. They walk up to me and say "Packers won (score) ain't that great!?"

Not a hello... not a Hi... just right out with it... the score of the game.

I flipped out on them. I didn't yell or raise my voice, I just looked them dead in the eye and told them exactly what I thought of their amazing ability to crush the only entertainment I try and have each week.

You tell someone the ending to a movie they are about to see, obviously it's seen as a huge violation of social niceness.... on superbowl sunday, my pastor will say from the pulpit at least 3 times how if you know the score or anything, don't go around talking about it.. even after detailed instructions to the church body to just be quiet around people about the super bowl, you STILL have people walking around opening conversations with stuff like "hey! how about that last second touch down by the patriots huh?"

I can't wrap my mind around it...... I'm at a lost. I seriously made up a little tag to wear on my suit next week, like a "hello I'm" sticker, that is going to warn people to NOT tell me about the packers... but I would bet my new fire place tool set that it's not going to work.

Does anyone have any CLUE how to get it through to people how much this irks people? I'm not the only one who has this happen, and every week it's a different person going around telling everyone everything about the game ruining it.

I'm realistic, so don't bother posting some garbage about priorities, my priorities are just fine... I have this problem because I'm at church all day, so obviously my problem isn't with having to go to church. It doesn't ruin my week, it just has now begun to erk me because I haven't been able to enjoy a sunday game this entire year... not one.

I don't just walk up to people and go "4 dead in down town night club slaying" if I wanted to talk about it, you ask someone "did you hear about the down town slayings?" and that gives them a chance to respond if they want to hear it or not

No one walks up to me and says "did you see the game?" or "did you hear about the packer game today?" or even "do you watch the packers?" no no no no ... they just walk up and say "PACKERS 31-10!!! WOOOO!!!"

It's of the devil I say!

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