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Trust Man why?

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For so long I have seen people put their trust not where it should be and just follow the words of men but I tell you the words of God are stronger then the words of man... I was reading a little bit in probverbs and I saw a verse that hit dead on it was Proverbs 28vs21 it says: To have respect of persons is not good for a piece of bread man will transgress. The way i see it is Gods words have always been but man's word hasn't.....

I have a friend who is a street preacher that my family puts down and thinks he is wrong in what he is doing. I think what he is doing is right just because my family doesn't like what he is doing doesn't mean he is wrong. I think what he is doing is very brave and the fact that he is doing it to please God and not man shows a lot in my eyes.

Many People try to do Gods work but they are proud and when they talk to people it makes them feel superior....God should be the superior one after all he has always been so don't you think he would know more then man?I think so because he is all knowing.....When putting my trust in man I find that I usually get disappointed..... God is the one who can help us move forward in our faith for he helps us more then man and I think there is a verse about that in I 1Thessalonians 2vs 4:it says: But as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, not as pleasing men, but God which trieth our hearts....The way is see it is that I have never lost my trust in God because he has never betrayed it, but I know I have betrayed his trust when i was back slidden years ago.

So brothers and Sisters I hope you put where your trust is due and where you won't get disappointed because I know man will disappoint you but with God when you put your trust in him all things are possible.......

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