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We ought to be watchmen For Jesus

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In the Bible it talks about Watchmen. As we observe the job of a watchmen we see that the lives of others are in their hands. For it is their job to watch and see if people come. In the same way we as Christians need to watch for when Jesus comes. Not only does the watchman watch he also warns. In 2 Samuel 18vs27 the watchman here was sending to Ahimaz one of the kings men so that he could bring news to the king whether things were alright or not. In likewise manner we need to warn the wicked of what they will face in Hell of an eternity. As you read on about the watchman you come across how dangerous it can be not only do they watch and warn they also have to go to the company and ask if there is peace. Now this is the most dangerous mission for the watchman because if the company is an enemy they could be killed. This is what happened in 2 kings 9vs18. For we as Christians it is our duty to do what watchmen do. If we are like the watchmen in 2samuel 18 then we will be rewarded with great thing greater then we can Imagine. Now lets say if the watchman fell asleep and danger came then there would be no one to see the Company and warn the king. That in that case every one would die. Well Christians do you want to see millions of wicked people die because you are not being a good watchman? In Ezekiel 33 vs 4 It says the watchman is responsible for the blood of people and that the peoples heads our in his hand. So my dear brothers and sisters do you really want to be responsible for the blood and heads of the millions and billions of people who are lost and heading straight to Hell? If we do nothing and just sit there then could we question, if we truly are giving everything for the Lord and are not scared of a little bit of persecution or rejection. Rejection you will get anywhere.Christians we need to be like that watchman in 2Samuel and do our job. Do what we are put on this earth for. We can save millions and Billions if we all work together. Everyone yes that means YOU! I Urge you to get out of your comfort zones and be the best watchmen you can be. If we do that we will bring millions and billions to God and in the bible it mentions that we should rejoice when one sinner repents and trusts him. Well if there were millions and billions there would be a lot of rejoicing. That shouldn't be the main reason though. The main reason should be is that it brings honor to God and that is The only thing that matters in life.

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