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I have studied lds and been on thier on line forums

They have zero and I mean zero everidence of thier existence before te mid 1800's
Joesph smith even left the lds church he founded for 6 months to attened a Methodist church because it wasn't working out.

Lds is pure polytheist they re wrote the bible to promote these views

Ask your family for historical proof they can't

They serve the same god as you Adamski ---------- very easy to prove. You are exactly the same kind of nut - a cult religion centered on Baal.
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Hi everyone. I'm new here so please bear with me. I am a former Mormon. I was in the lds church for 30 years. Raised in it. I loved it! Leaving was very difficult because, like the missionaries you

I just got informed that one of my friends just got baptised in the Mormon Faith and saying they can't have thier families there because the marriage in the Mormon church is not death to us part. Any

Sadly that is one of the biggest problems in tryint to reach people; they just don't recognize their spiritual condition. They may be very nice people who would do anything for anyone and would never

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Lds is pure polytheist they re wrote the bible to promote these views

The RCs are also polytheist. They worship Mary, Peter and all the saints,the host. The RC priest must be more powerful than God, as he can, he says, call down god from heaven, to appear in their wafer. The Roman Pantheon has its equivalent in the church of all saints. The same lump of metal, worshiped by the pagans as Jupiter, is now worshiped by Catholics as Peter.
Roman Catholicism is NOT Christian, but pagan.
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I have had plenty of Mormon elders and sisters come to my door over the years. My wife is a former Mormon and loves these people dearly.

While it's true they can be wonderful people, my experience with some of them was not at all positive. It seems that today they have gotten more bold. Elders will sit with my wife for an hour when I am not at home, although their rules disallow this..I had 2 young sister missionaries tell me that my baptism didn't count because it wasn't done in their church. I felt disrespected in my own home.

I always make sure I share the Gospel with them, but they will often say that I only have some of the truth and they alone have all of it. It's frustrating and requires much patience and prayer.

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On 4/10/2010 at 1:34 PM, Brother Rick said:

I always try to run them over with my SUV when I see them on their little bikes. :icon_mrgreen:

Just kidding.

They are dedicated, and more Christians need to be out soul winning and knocking doors like the Mormons do. The only people who’ve knocked on my door are JWs, Mormons, and other people from my church who didn't know I lived there.

Aggressive New Testament soul wining is dead in modern day Christianity for the most part.

I haven't seen them on bikes in these parts in years. They drive church owned late model cars. The other day, I spotted them in a nice shiny truck.

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