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We had that chapter in our biology book' date=' but it wasn't taught to us.[/quote']

I don't suppose I paid attention, all I remember is seeing the picture. Maybe all I did was look at pictures in by book and did no reading or studying. :roll

Them again, that has been many years ago too. :uuhm:

But perhaps I should say Linda keeps telling me my memory is getting bad. But I keep telling her that its not, I don't remember forgetting anything. :thumb

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There is a Korean woman here in town that will eat almost anything. Her husband says she has a preparation room which is filled with all sorts of odd things and some of it she puts in various containers and lets it sit for days, weeks or months of which he says stinks horribly yet she makes her food from these.

This woman also keeps one small room entirely filled with huge bags of rice. It seems when she lived in Korea there were constant rice shortages so she is always fearful of such and every time she goes shopping she buys huge bags of rice in bulk and keeps that room packed.

All of this even after living in this country for many decades.

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My cat's getting on for 21-years-old.

I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering where you'd gone! Haven't seen you around here much lately. Maybe I've just missed your posts though.

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