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Across the street from our building we have a hidden area with 2 8 pointers and 1 almost 12 pointer. Hunters always try to cut the fence to get at the big boys in there. It is funny we will have to respond and a worker will always say I think people are trying to steal stuff and we will all say, yes, 2 6 pointers and a 12 pointer.

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I though deer hunting & drinking went together like a plate lunch & an R O C cola. Of course all I'm going by are the deer hurting stories I heard told. But that said some do try to separate the 2 and only drink at camp, but with them setting up to the wee hours of the morning drinking and playing poker around their camp fire there is no doubt that those early morning shots they fire are seen from behind very hazy and glazed over eyes.

No, all don't do this, but there is enough of them who do that it makes it dangerous time of year for everyone in the woods and or driving up and down the highways. For more than 4 years in the 80's I drove back and forth across a stretch of highway that was thick with deer hunters in season, I always feared a bullet coming into the cab of my truck.

I might add, once my boss when to look at a stand of timber that he was going to have a crew start cutting the following Monday morning. A fellow carrying a musket stepped out of the woods close to him and asked him what he was doing. He told him, the man was holding his musket in his arms and turned where the barrel was pointing at him with his finer on the trigger and said, "I suggest you hold off sending that crew out here, that is if you understand what I mean, its just not going to be a safe place for them and I surely would not want anyone to get hurt."

My boss asked, "Is that a threat?"

The hunted replied, "Oh no, I would never threaten no one, its a promise, we've been hunting these woods for many years and no one is going to get away with messing our deer hunting up." My boss theory was, even though I've got the law on my side, it does not help when someone is dead and I will not send a crew into such a place knowing what could take place.

Boss kept the crew off that stand of timber just to keep from causing trouble, but there have been several similar situation such as this happen around here thru the years and a couple of them got real nasty and deadly.

Its that time of year isn't it. Glad I don't hunt.

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That's where I do my hunting at these days Jerry. If I have to go out to hunt' date=' it's to the store so I can restock the refrigerator and cabinets! :lol:[/quote']

I let the wife take care of the grocery store hunting

I use to help her, but she made me stop.

I would sneak around and put things back on the store shelve, them when we got home she would say I thought I bought some so & so. Finally she figured it out, now she want let me go with her. :saint

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The first winter our youngest was with us I did most of the shopping myself. My wife couldn't understand how I could get the shopping done in two or three stores in less time than it took her to get through one! :tum

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