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I was not raised in church from childhood on up. The only 'church' related topics for me was funerals and weddings, and I did not attend many of those either. I was a pretty good kid, not a real trouble maker, and not rebellious. I got into a lot of things I wish I had not, but hindsight is 20/20.

One day I met this girl, we wanted to see more of each other. Her mother told me that if I was going to date or see her daughter I would have to attend church with her. No problem! I could fool anyone I wanted to, or so I thought. As I entered the first service iknew I was in for it. The preacher spotted me amd came straight over to where I was. He introduced himself, and asked the question " Have you been saved?" Sweat immediately started rolling down my side-burns. "yes" I replied, as I lied through my eye teeth. The service started, people were praying all around me for lost souls to get saved, I was getting concerned.

Then the choir sang, I had never heard such singing in my life, folks were crying, shouting, going down to the altar, and the preacher was pacing the platform with his hands up inthe air. I thought people were supposed to be happy when they went to church, this bunch was sobbing!! Then the testimonies started, more crying, more amens, and I just sat there perplexed. The preacher started preaching, and it seemed as if there was no one there but me and him; after all, he was staring right at me! He got wound up good and tight, came off of the platform and straight down the isle where I was sitting. He stood there and preached, the drops of sweat from his nose fell at my feet, I was about to get up and take off out the door. I thought was tough! Not!

The invitation was given, I was already choking in my own tears, and my heart was about to pop. We all stood up, he asked for a show of hands as a testimony of Salvation. I again lied as I raised my hand, I peeped up at the preacher and he was looking dead at me. I gripped the back of the pew, hoping I was not going to pass out, begging for this to end. It did, and out the door I went, never to be the same again.

I tried with all I had to forget that message and the strange feeling I carried around with me wherever I went. More services, Sunday morn., night, and Wed. as well. We were some of the first to get there and the last to leave. Revivals, prayer services, I went through with it for over a year knowing full well I was lost and on my way to Hell. We broke up, her mother tried to get me to keep coming regardless, but that wouldn't work for me. The last service for me was the toughest, I was so convicted, I almost abandonded my dignity and ran to the front before the invitation. I waited instead to talk to the preacher privately. No chance, he was swamped, out the door I went for the last time.

Years passed by, never a waking moment did I spend without the fear of dying and spending eternity in hell. I became a good ol' drunk, running around , and getting into all kinds of trouble. Met another girl, of whom I'm still married to. We went through 3 separations, i was drinking everyday, and dwindling away to nothing. I had been carrying with me a gospel tract that I had found at the local barber shop back about 5 years before. I would read it over and over, the Scriptures always spoke the same message, affirming my lost estate.

One day we had a big fight, out the door she went, and I was left alone. I feared i was about to lose everything, my wife, health, job, and soul to boot. I reached into my wallet and retrieved that gospel tract again. As I read it, the same conviction I had been dealing with, welled up inside to a fever, I felt as if i were to look up, I would be staring Jesus Christ in the face. I, so often, would say i would never bow to anybody, but I went down on my knees that afternoon. Nobody there but me and the Lord, twas about 3:50p.m. on July 21st 1992. I was tired, broken hearted, and feared death as if it was my last day on earth. For all those years I rejected the Love of Christ and His Salvation, were over. There was no welcoming committee, no crowd, but just me and my Saviour. I called upon His name, and He set me free!

I no longer fear death, but embrace it as just one more step closer home, and an opportunity to see the precious Lamb of God who lives inside of me. I now preach the same message I heard that set my soul on fire with conviction. Always remembering, that wonderful day when He called my name!

mksj1611 :wave:

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