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For my baby sister

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My baby sister is in urgent need of prayers. Seven weeks ago she moved out of her house leaving her husband of fifteen years, her daughter, and her grandson. She is on the city council of the town we grew up in, and she lost her bid for mayor of that town in April. She has, up until that time, been a wonderful Christian example. She had been having meetings with another council member over the past four months, and around ten weeks ago she moved out of her bedroom to the room across the hall. My -in-law has told us that there were hours long phone conversations between this council member and my sister, and that my sister had become detached and distant. She didn't attend her daughters graduation from nursing school,nor her placement in the cardiac nursing unit at St. Joseph's Hospital. She didn't come to the house when all five of her daughters were in town. Nobody seems to know where she is living these days. She hasn't spoken to our mom in weeks, and this is not like her. We believe that she is or has had a mental episode and that this other council member is taking advantage of her situation. My brother-in-law received divorce papers from my sister on Friday. He doesn't want a divorce. He wants my sister back. 

Please keep Becky, and Paul as well, in prayer. It seems like the adversary is really attacking my family on many fronts. Your prayers are appreciated. 

Thank you in advance,


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