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Prayers for my wife, Vivian


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On Wednesday evening while taking Bailey out to go potty, Vivian took a spill in the side yard. She fell hard on her right side as Bailey came running towards me. She couldn't turn fast enough and he hit her and she went down. At any rate, we thought she had just bruised her shoulder. But, Thursday she couldn't raise her arm, but didn't want to go to the doctor. That changed yesterday when I had to take her into Murfreesboro to the Urgent Care. They believed her shoulder to be dislocated and told us to go to an Emergency room. We did, and found that Vivian had broken her humerus bone in her left arm. She's got to see a bone specialist sometime this week. She's in a lot of pain and can't move her right arm...the same arm that she had hurt at work in a fall earlier this year. We don't understand all of the challenges that we're facing at the present, but, we know there is a purpose for it. Please pray that the Lord will give the doctor wisdom concerning how to proceed with Vivian's arm. We don't know at this point how this is going to affect her employment. 

Thanks in advance,


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1 hour ago, 1Timothy115 said:

I haven't stopped praying for you both since the earlier fall. My mother fell and broke the same bone, same arm, she was in her mid 80s. So, praise God Vivian isn't there yet.

Thank you, my friend. Right at the present we could use all the prayers we can get. It comes at a time when we've been searching for the Lords will concerning whether to move back home to Augusta, GA or to stay here in Tennessee. If she isn't able to work, I think the answer might be pretty clear that the road for us leads back home. 

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UPDATE: Vivian saw the NP at the Ortho doctors office and we saw the x-rays. The break isn't all the way down as the ER had implied. The break to Vivian's humerus was right up in the area where the bone meets the rotator cuff. The cuff itself shows a possible break! UGH! They would have to do an MRI AND a CT Scan. But, they don't want to do that as the x-ray is pretty clear on the break. They told her that she can go back to work on "light duty" for at least the next two weeks. After that, they'll have to see how much she can use her arm. Right now it's very little. No surgery, though, and that, in and of itself, is a huge answer to prayer. We're praying that she'll regain all or at least most of the use of the arm. She says there isn't any real pain, just a continuing dull throbbing that is nerve wracking! 

Thanks for continued prayers. 

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