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Asking for Prayers for healing next appointment Cleveland Clinic.

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Hi My fellow Brothers and sisters in Christ. First I apologize my writing is not so great anymore. After years it has declined as my health. I have Lupus mixed connective tissue disease rumitoid arthritis severe Reynolds phenomenon fibromyalgia and emphysema as well mild heart issue. I'm 39 years old my health problems started at the age of 24. It has been a great impact on my life but by Gods good grace I'm here still writing today Amen! But over the last 6 months or so I have felt bad to worse. So many of the things I was still able to do slowly going away and becoming more difficult. I have 4 children at home 2 girls as well 2 boys and a great wife that stays by my side best she can. We attended grace Baptist Church here in Ohio as often as possible Wednesday nights for a hour service as well sundays from 10 until noon lunch at noon until 1. Then more preaching until 2. Are Church is a small country Church but the members we have are so loving and caring. As well my Pastor definitely Blessed to attend each service my health allows me to in The Lords House for worship and fellowship. I'm fully disabled and have been since my illness started and my wife required stay home by government help me through my hard days. Makes everything really hard on the family but Gods good grace we make it. I'm here again new to internet asking if you all please keep me In your Prayers with my appointments coming up as well my health declining now for doctors wisdom and most of all Gods healing hand to help me get better. Pray for my family The Lord help them as well through all of this. Please pray for a fellow Pastor and brother and sister in Christ they moved from Ohio to Texas after retirement a year ago now she is battling cancer really bad and in late 70.s early 80.s. As well my Aunt Karen in Arizona battling cancer the second time this time much worse as well a Baptist and sister in Christ. And another very loving aunt Hilda Baptist and sister in Christ going through serious health problems.  All of us need Prayers from all. Thank you everyone. 

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1 hour ago, Brother Lance said:

All of us need Prayers from all. Thank you everyone. 

Welcome to the group Brother Lance. A few here also are working through health issues and will be praying for you all as well. Hopefully you will find some comfort and Engorgement through this group and maybe even a little diversion from the physical through the conversations here. May God Bless as you do your best for Him.

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@Brother Lance, you're definitely in my prayers. I, too suffer many health conditions, most auto-immune in nature, but I won't go into that. I can sympathize and empathize with you. Please know that you'll be in our prayers here. As @John Young has expressed, I hope this site will help give you some kind of communication and fellowship with Christians and will encourage you to continue to be a witness for the Lord. Blessings.

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