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Anyone, including you pastors, see a drop off in church attendance? I know, even though our church stayed open during the plandemic and some new folks joined, both my pastor and Sunday school teacher have mentioned that overall attendance is not like it was just a few years ago. I visited my brother's old church and it was like a skeleton crew compared to what it was 20 years ago.

Why do you think this is? I live in what maybe regarded as the "bible belt" or close to it (Central Virginia) and though there seems to be more bible talk because if the internet the churches are close to empty.

My guess the internet has a big part in this. People are going to "church" online or getting their spiritual edification via FB or YouTube. 

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Our church was closed during the "pandemic," and they slowly opened back up with fewer members attending in-person services. Most still wanted to "be safe" and watch the services if they were posted on YouTube or Facebook. We started attending right after the church opened back up, but, because of the continued back and forth in our church, and because my wife and I both have health concerns because of severe underlying conditions, we attended in person only sporadically. I truly miss being there when I'm not able to go, and I try to stay in touch with my pastor, the assistant, and our deacon assigned to us by the church. It's not always been easy, but we do what we can to be there. We still tithe which many who aren't able to go do not. I know this has been a trend in many churches lately. Overall, though, it seems to me that our church's attendance is about the same as it was pre-pandemic.


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PastorMatt, that's fantastic news! I wish more churches could say that! I know many here have seen a considerable decline in attendance. Many don't believe they will reach the pre-pandemic numbers any time near soon. They believe that this event has caused a "falling away" from church attendance. They should be actively out there trying to reclaim these people, but, I see very few who are taking any kind of reclamation.

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