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Does anyone still follow sports or did you give up?

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My wife and I used to enjoy watching most sports back when we first were married 37 years ago. But, over the years, strikes, problems with sports figures, etc., led us to finally cut back. These last few years we haven't watched but a handful of sports events...mainly the Masters Golf Tournament since we're from Augusta, GA. I was raised in Illinois but consider Augusta my hometown. Everything has become so political in nature I just don't care to watch sports any longer. I don't watch to see the protests and gestures of these sports figures. They're nothing more than spoiled brats in my opinion. Sorry if that's offensive to some. I'm just being blunt about it. I feel the same way about other celebrities.

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On 5/20/2021 at 6:49 AM, PastorMatt said:

For some time now it seems as if athletes use their job to protests political issues. Whether it be kneeling for national anthem, or wearing political statements on their jerseys, it seems to be the new norm.

I've heard a few Christians say they are done with sports because of the political bias. How ab out you, anyone still watch sports? I watch very little compared to what I used to watch, that is due to time and my lack of interest.


I have not given up on Christianity just because some preachers and churches have made politics more important than preaching the gospel. No, I have not given up on sports, at least the ones I like. I am not much into professional spots but collegiate sports, yes. 

Did you see that incredible play by the James Madison women's softball pitches in defeating Oklahoma State? It is one of the most, if not the most, incredible plays I have ever seen.

Watch it:



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As much as I detest the political position of the city, university, and in many instances the state's political position. When football season arrives I will watch every game of The Ohio State Buckeyes and if they do well in basketball I may watch some of it.

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