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I have learned over the years to NEVER limit God. I was reminded of His providence yesterday, though I had not even prayed for it. I should have, but being a bit sidetracked for the day by other concerns, I was letting what certain groups of people affect what I thought would happen. After speaking with my physicians office, the Lord provided the need though I hadn't even asked him about it. I'm supposed to have decadron injections in my left ear next Monday, and the following two Mondays for vertigo attacks and tinnitus caused by bilateral Meniere's disease. I couldn't afford to pay for the compounding of the medication myself, as the out-of-pocket cost was beyond what I could afford. I was going to have to get a form to submit to the insurance company for repayment, but when I called them, they told me that they would NOT reimburse me for the use of this medication. I called and told the doctors nurse what the insurance companies had said, and he said he'd call back. He did about two hours later, and told me that the doctor had said they would use the decadron they had on hand for the injections. God is so good, even when we forget to take EVERYTHING to Him. It wasn't that I doubted his power to provide, it was that I had taken my eyes off of what HE could do, and not what I could do. It's all HIS anyhow! 🙂 What a blessing and a reminder at the same time.

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7 minutes ago, Bouncing Bill said:

Would you elaborate on your reply. Thanks. 

Sure. For instance, scripture tells us God cannot sin-therefore I limit God on His inability to sin. Since he is, indeed, the very fount and definition of "Good", He could not sin. 

God has said, "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee", therefore I limit God in ever being able to take my salvation away, because to do so would be to forsake and leave me. Therefore He is limited by His own word.

As for the other, in obligation, last Sunday I preached that many believers have been taught that if we have enough faith, and ask earnestly enough, God will heal our bodies, however, nowhere has he obligated Himself to heal our flesh, only our souls. It doesn't mean He WON'T or CAN'T, just that He is not obligated to do so. He has, however, obligated Himself that when we ARE afflicted, that in our weakness his strength will be made perfect, so He is obligated to strengthen us when we are infirm, so that we might continue to serve Him, even in our infirmities.

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