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Newsletter that I periodically write.

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I periodically write a Christian newsletter named "Just Everyday Things." I posted it on Facebook for a couple of years, and then all this political and psychological warfare against Conservatives and Christians started and I had to stop writing it. It usually runs 1-2 pages, sometimes a page longer. It's Christian in nature, and I'd like to know if it would be okay if I posted it here, and to which forum I would post it. I would be referring this site to others in it who are Baptists (some might not be Baptists, as I know some Lutherans, have some Presbyterian and Catholic relatives who read it, and some who are interested in learning more about God. If I were given permission to post it, what forum would it go into, and what is and IS NOT permissible. I don't want to break any codes of conduct. It does get somewhat political at times, but, not very often. God doesn't tell us to be political, though he doesn't prohibit it. He does tell us to be building the kingdom. Thanks so much, Bro. Tony Lanius

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5 hours ago, PastorMatt said:

I have no problem with you posting it, Can you send me the link to where you currently have them? I just want to see the nature of them so I can advice what forum to place them in?  Thank you

I posted them on FB, but I can send you a file with them in there. They started as a joke years ago over "Mr. Coffee." An old friend of our family knows I love coffee, so I incorporated Mr. Coffee and Folgers into my little newsletter each day. I can send a couple to you if you wish. 


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