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If you're comfortable telling us, I'm curious as to what the rental cost is for your church if you rent a building. You do not have to give church name or location, I'm curious as to how much churches spend on rental buildings, especially church plants.

I started our church 5 years ago in Connecticut, and we pay $1500/ month for 2,000 square ft. and we got a great price for our area.

I understand that each location will have different rental costs.

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We rent the local community center, very small, maybe 35 people capacity. We only rent it for the day on Sunday, and 2 hours on Thursdays, and we pay $10 each Sunday, $5 each Thursday. Typically, $70, max, per month. I also have use of office space included, so I don't have to haul everything in and out, just set up and break down. Still rather have our own place. Lots of open buildings here, but they all seem to have weird issues with them, so there they sit to fall apart.

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12 hours ago, PastorMatt said:

Thank you for sharing that information with us. I'm glad that we never had to break down and haul everything each week. I know many who had to, I'm thankful that we haven't had to do that yet. 

I know of a preacher who "rented" a church building for free as long as he maintained it. The building was one of those historical landmark chapels that was used only twice a year (Easter and Christmas) and held an occasional wedding. He had to keep the name of the church too which was a generic name. Haymaker Chapel. It was quite a cozy little church building. Once they grew too enough members they were able to afford their own building.

You might be able to find something like that.

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