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Tomorrow's World Magazine-Bad Stuff!

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A couple people I know, including a young man in our church, have asked me about this magazine they keep getting, "Tomorrow's World." Having perused it once, a light reading showed it is full of false doctrine, so I told the young man in my church, and he is no longer reading them.

Today, a co-worker brought me one and asked me about it, so I went a little further into it, and found it is produced by "the Living Church of God," which is apparently an even worse offshoot of Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God, (WCoG). It is a weird mix of Armstrongism, law-keeping, (thus also Sabbath-keeping), and Jehovah's Witness false doctrines, such as the Holy Spirit being merely an impersonal spirit of God, not the third person in the godhead, annihilism, (sp?) and other such things.

Amusingly, many of their doctrines are ridiculously easy to refute from scripture, but sadly, as with the two young men who came to me about it, neother was able to discern the plain falsehoods in the magazine, though I suspect an unwillingness to actually read it may have been part of the problem.

anyways, if you should receive this magazine, feel free to peruse it, but know, it is complete garbage.

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