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What are your experiences with using ePaper for ministry?

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

I just ordered this digital notebook to help with writing my notes to text. So far from my research (at $200) it seems to be the best compromise to the ReMarkable 2 ($500+). Anything over $200 I would just go with the Lenovo Duet (At $250 with keyboard and cover included and pens for a small extra cost, it is the best value/quality alternative to the Surface Pro $600+). I'll try to do a review of the "ORIGIN" after I get it for those interested.

I got my wife the Lenovo Duet and she loves it. It has replaced her laptop and it is practically a do it all device. It doesn't have a lot of built in slots but has an all in one USB-C slot that can pretty much connect to a docking station to become your primary computer if you wanted. Its the best compromise between Price, mobility, and connectivity. It also as about 10 hours of battery life so no worries on using it all day while disconnected.

The reason I'm considering epaper is for the screen technology which is easier for long reading and writing times. Also so I can quickly turn my handwriting into editable text. The weeks long battery life also means books and notes will be available for long periods of time without the constant need to recharge the device.

I would have liked a larger device like the reMarkable but the price tag is still just too high to justify using the tech over a regular commuter tablet like an ipad or the Lenovo Duet.


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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

I have no experience with using ePaper, or a digital Notebook, for notes. I did though look at the "MobiScribe Origen" link that you gave and I think I have an idea of what you are looking into.  Keep us posted as I would like to know what you think and what can be done with the digital notebook. I did find it interesting that the digital notebook could turn the writing on the pad into text on the notebook.

Until then I guess I will keep my pencils sharpened, my pens on hand, and my little 'real' paper notebook in my pocket. 

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Closest I guess I come to it, is I use a simple Lenovo pad for my sermon notes, rather than doing my sermons from paper, because I found I was drowning in paper. All of the sermons get loaded onto my external hard drive to preserve them...and as soon as those are replaced by some other storage device, they'll move there. Then the big EMP that is coming sometime will probably wipe them all away, so before that I will probably print them all onto PAPER and collect them together to maybe pass down to my kids, or whoever might want them.

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