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3 hours ago, Baptistsenior said:

I was recently called a fatalist because I stated that we cannot when we die.  Is believing that God has a set time for our death fatalistic? 

No!  The dictionary definition for "fatalism" is "the belief that all events are determined by fate and, therefore, inevitable; acceptance of every event as inevitable."  The first difference between a believer in the Biblical God and a fatalist is the the "source" of "determination" for events -- For the fatalist that "source" is a completely impersonal, uncaring "fate;" whereas for the believer that "source" is a very personal, great and good God.  From this first difference flows various others -- "Fate" is impersonal, and therefore neither wise nor unwise in its arrangement of events; whereas God is all-knowing and all-wise in His arrangement of events.  "Fate" is impersonal, and therefore neither righteous nor unrighteous in its arrangement of events; whereas God is all-holy and all-righteous in His arrangement of events (including the administration of rewards and judgments).  "Fate" is impersonal, and therefore neither gracious nor malicious in its arrangement of events; whereas God is all-good and abundantly gracious in His arrangement of events (especially in establishing His plan of eternal salvation for lost sinners).

Even concerning the matter of our appointed time for death, God is different than "fate."  "Fate" just "is."  On the other hand, God sets the appointed time of our death in accord with His perfect, righteous, and gracious wisdom.  Furthermore, some Scripture appears to reveal that the extent/time of lives can be (in accord with God's all-knowing foreknowledge) extended or shortened, depending on our behavior.

I pray that this answer is helpful and good to the use of edifying.

Edited by Pastor Scott Markle
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