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Will Mega churches, servive the next COVID shutdown?


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The small church I attend is doing very well during this pandemic. We are doing so well that we have undertaken several expensive maintenance projects and are only a few dollars over the amount we have taken in. I believe we will end up in the black at the end of the year. We average 20 to 25 people each Sunday. To date the church has taken in a little over $98,000 and spent just over that. If we had not undertaken the maintenance projects we would be WAY on the black. It isn't size that matters nearly as much as the faithfulness of the members. 

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9 hours ago, E Morales said:

It cost so much money to run one, members faithfulness, and giving will not be there. The smaller churches, don't have the bills, salary's, or pressure, like the Mega churches have. What do you think can happen?



Megas usually have what the smaller churches don't have and that's the income. So, unless they are totally reckless in their budgeting and unwilling to cut off frivolous spending, or persecution comes to such a degree that they lose most of their members and income, they should be alright. Small local churches get most of their money from the members so if they lose their jobs then it's much harder.

In Lynchburg, VA where my mother lives, Liberty Baptist owns a lot of property around the city, they have the online school, the university and nursing school, TV and radio shows, book stores, study bibles, etc etc so they will be OK. My church owns nothing but the church building and a printing press next to it that prints tracts and NTs which is all supported by our members.

That being said, there's no reason believers can't assemble together even if they are totally broke, unless perhaps, they live far apart. That, many times, is when the church is at its richest.

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