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Conspiracy Theories

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There has been a conspiracy since the beginning, in the garden of Eden, when Satan began a campaign against the truth of God, and has continued unabated to this day.

The Catholics worked hard to keep God's truth from mankind through use of force and fear, and by killing anyone who dared interpret the Bible into the common tongue, or anyone who dared own a copy. When that failed, they sought to murder King James while his authorized edition, the shining star of the English Language, was being produced. When that failed, Satan put it to the hearts of two heretical Anglican priests to produce a new Greek text that had 'never been seen before, in heaven or earth", and we got the Westcott/Hort Revised Greek text, based primarily off of two (probably fake) manuscripts that disagree with each other more often than they agree, and this text was the basis for all the modern versions that have brought confusion and doubt to God's word ever since.

Yeah, there is a big conspiracy, just one most don't realize is so. Been pretty successful, I think.

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