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The Democrat Party's Voter Fraud Confession

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Biden has already confessed to voter fraud on video. He confessed on behalf of the entire democrat party days ago on October 24th. He also confessed for Obama who won both of his elections via egregious voter fraud previously. Seems very clear with this confession that every democrat won seat in government EVERYWHERE has been obtained at least partially through voter fraud. What more does Trump need to end this farce and take back this country from communist China. Watch his video confession below:

Biden's Confession


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Yeah, the voter fraud is massive but who didn't see this coming? Trump has overcome a lot in the last four years but I don't see him overcoming this. The bad thing about this is it pretty much is a signal we have just entered into a Banana Republic. Elections will be a joke from now on, we will have a uni-Party based on state capitalism benefitted by a few big monopolies. China has won.

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