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Unmarried/Married Pastors, Bishops, Elders or Deacons (continued)

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I revisited the original thread on this subject and found that it is now "closed to further replies," so I thought I would continue it here. 

I was hoping to get more input on the subject, as I am still finding conflicting information.  Explanations for both views - pastors being required to be married and pastors not being required to be married - have persuasive arguments.  I am interested in hearing from more of the pastors on this issue.

Additionally, I am interested in hearing about how a never-been-married man might engage in or participate in preaching/teaching in his church, if at all permissible by scripture.

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Preaching/teaching is not necessarily a pastor-only job, so those preaching/teaching are not necessarily limited to pastoral requirements, whatever they may be. Teaching in particular may done by women (to other women or children), so that obviously would not be linked to the position of pastor.

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