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What is your Unique Church Story?

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Well, Brother Matt, I also pastor a small church (in rural Michigan, for the past 22 years); and interesting things do indeed happen.  But life as a whole is not really that different.  We plan; then life happens.  As far as "the class in Bible College," I am pretty sure that the apostle Paul did not have a class on how to deal with one who falls out a window and dies . . .  So, so, so many things never mentioned in the training of Bible college. LOL

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Another pastor of a very small church

We had a fellow in our church, who had attended for years. Older man, white beard, unmarried, who lived with his elderly mother, and came to church mostly because she did. He was thrice damaged in the head, once by birth, once from drug and alcohol use, and once from an accident (brought on by number two) when he decided to drive down the side of a mountain, and well, it didn't end too well.  So he had long been damaged, so we cut him some slack.

Well for years he would ask for prayer concerning goats in the church. Always with goats. It was a long time before we came to understand that he was talking about my wife. See, I met my wife there, after I had become the pastor. Before we were together, she lived on her farm out in the desert, and from time to time she would run across this man's mother out walking her dog, out on her road, and they would chat a few minutes, which I guess the mother really enjoyed, After we got married, of course, she moved into my house with me, and those meeting ended. Well, he took this as that she now felt she was too important to go meet with his mother, and lamed my wife for his mother not having friends, (they had all died or moved away due to age). So until the day he passed, he hated my wife for ruining his mother's life, in his eyes, and he rarely kept it to himself, though it was always in coded language.

He was a joy, and I could tell more stories about his antics. Like when his mother needed an ambulance, and he kept trying to attack them, thinking they were taking her rights away, until they called the police and he kept daring them to arrest him. I had to physically intervene. Good times. Goood times.


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