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Reports are coming in that the world leaders gathered at the UN have walked out, and for the first time the UN is empty as everyone refuses to reenter the building. Reports suggest that the delegate from Canada dared to suggest that pineapple on pizza was not only acceptable, but indeed delicious. This highly offended the delegate from Italy, who in his grand speech waxing grand about the delicate flavors and ingredients that should be on pizza and never tainted by pineapple, declared Canadian bacon to be fake. The normally unflappable Canadian was brought to tears as he attempted to remain calm and just muttered "Sorry, eh" as the room erupted with clamors over what toppings on pizza was the best. The American delegate claimed meat lovers supreme was better than any other, it was the best and nothing better could be added, which angered the delegates from India who declared that vegetarian toppings were superior in every aspect. In the midst of the clamor, Switzerland delegates set up a neutral stance in a corner, in which a few other delegates joined, eating popcorn while watching the drama unfold. Suddenly, a voice rose above the others and asked for quiet, claiming to have the answer. All eyes turned to the delegate from Taiwan who had snuck in unnoticed during the important discussion. Holding up a pizza box, the Taiwanese man announced that the pizza in this Pizza Hut box would solve their dilemma.  He opened the lid and the delegates agreed to disagree about all pizza toppings as they, as one, left the room and ordered the UN to be evacuated. In the middle of the empty room, the Taiwan delegate ate a slice of Stinky Tofu and durian pizza and smiled. World peace had been achieved!



Did you like my click bait title? 😅  This thread is just for fun, you can add any "controversy" you like, in any style you like, as long as it's silly and not an actual real controversy, there's enough of those on other threads here. 

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