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So recently I've lost both my driving jobs; one because they canceled all the bus trips due to coronavirus and the other because I failed my yearly CDL physical due to my Type II diabetes. I have an interview this Friday for a really good job that came "out of the blue" totally surprising me. Without God the deck would be stacked against me in getting it but maybe ya'll can petition the Almighty on my behalf. Thanks.

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Well, I want to thank all those who prayed for me. I did not get the position I interviewed for but the doctor who did the school physical for my present job (I drive a school bus for PK through 2nd grade) passed me and told me who couldn't understand why the other doctor flunked me on my CDL physical. So I get to keep that job.

It's going to be a rough school year with all these Covid regulations in place. Everyday I go to work I'll have to get my temperature taken, wear a mask at all times and constantly sanitize everything. The kids will have to remain 6 feet apart and wear masks. That's gonna be tough getting some of these little kids to keep their masks on. Only 10 kids on the bus at a time and they will alternate days they go to school.

Please prayer for me that I stay healthy. I live with my 88 year old disabled father who is losing his cognitive abilities and I don't want to bring any Covid home to him. These kids are like little incubators.

Thank you and God bless you all.

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OK, here I go again.

I have another job interview Thursday. No job to write home about but I want out of the school. I signed up to be a bus driver and maybe help out during recess at times. I did not sign up to be a nurse, biohazards room cleaner, social worker and racial justice policeman (I know no such thing, YET). The last in that list is the result of mandatory "racial justice" classes we are forced to take which are ironically created by a Muslim. 

Anyway, sorry for the mini-rant.

Please pray for me regarding my interview. I really don't know what God wants anymore but I feel it's best for my walk with him to get out of that job. It seems I always do poorly in interviews no matter what approach I take to the interviews (ex. assertive and confident vs mild mannered and laid back). I'm at the point that it's hard not to show up to them expecting not to get hired. I have a stable work history and never have been fired but my lack of skills, my age and the amount of unemployed men at present are working against me.

Thanks and God bless you.

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