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Happy Valentine's Day to all. What a difference a year makes!

Today the sun is shining brightly. Last year we were having a "snowmageddon," as it has been dubbed. This time last year (Val. Day was on Thursday), my husband had gotten home early from his client's house because he had a slip-and-fall on black ice. Thus began a journey of healing that isn't done yet.

Randy is better - much, much better - although he still has a ways to go to complete healing. The rip in his thigh muscle healed well, and the hematoma should be mostly, if not completely, drained (his doc said it was the biggest hematoma that he had ever seen and that it would take, at minimum, a year to heal).

The foot still gives Randy problems - pain and swelling. But even that is better than it was, thankfully! We know there are certain foods that cause inflammation in his foot, so he either completely avoids those foods or eats them sparingly (dairy is a big inflamer...and something he likes very much! So that is sparingly consumed.)

His CK levels were through the roof when he had his accident (that can damage the kidneys), but they came down nicely. They are just a tad elevated right now (blood tests this week showed that), but not in any way a danger.

His triglycerides were over 1,000 - supposed to be around 150. Keto eating brought them down to just under 700 6 months ago. This week, they are down to just under 400. Amen and praise the Lord! The cardiologist is happy with his dietary changes and with the improvement in his count. He is still in the pre-diabetic range with his A1C, but we're pretty sure that is because he isn't able to exercise like he should (also likely the reason for the CK slight rise). Walking is good, but he still can't do that for long. We haven't been able to get an exercise bike yet, but it is on the list. I think that will help in a number of ways.

Randy has always planned something special for Valentine's Day. Last year we spent the bulk of it at the emergency room, followed by an 18 day stay in the hospital. Pretty special, eh? LOL We are so thankful for the way God has worked.

So, once again, Happy Valentine's Day to all. Remember two things: #1. God is good, all the time, and #2. This, too, shall pass.

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My mom, son, and I went together and got Randy an exercise bike for his birthday. He spent both his and my birthdays in the hospital last year. This year he got the bike and is using it daily. It's not a fancy bike, but it spins around when he pedals and that's what he needs. LOL

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